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Site News: Crikey. Hello.
Sorry about that, just popped out for 6 years.

I was rooting around on some old hard drives recently and discovered Wii UK. So I thought I'd attach some...

Site News: Wii UK is for sale
Or at the very least, open to offers.

Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, and other seasonal greetings I've missed. It has indeed been a while. Too long. Looking...

Wii News: Wii add-on revealed
'MotionPlus' to bring exact movement replication to Wii

Nintendo have announced that 'MotionPlus', a new add-on for Wii, will be released along with a new title, 'Wii Sports...

Wii News: Wii update prevents Freeloader
No more NTSC games, if reports are true

Our friends over at Gonintendo report that the latest Wii firmware update, amongst other things, prevents Datel's Freeloader from working...

Wii News: Crazy Mini Golf 'announced'
A delightful microcosm of my problem with the Wii.

Perhaps I'm being harsh, but titles like this really are not necessary. In any way. There's plenty of golf games...

Wii News: G1 Jockey to use balance board
Possibly one to avoid if you're self-conscious.

Normally I couldn't think of anything more tedious than a horse-racing game, but the latest installment of Koei's G1 Jockey...

VC News: Virtual Console Friday
A few new titles added this week for you to splash your cash on.

It's been a long time since I've had the pleasure of sifting through one of Nintendo's adjective-packed Virtual Console press...

Wii News: Female behind: excellent promotional tool
Who would've thought it?

As much as I hate to propagate the 'all gamers are drooling sex maniacs' notion, this story is fairly amusing:...

Wii News: Call of Duty 5 in 'near 360 graphics' shocker
...a Wii developer actually bothering to make a game look good? Nah.

According to our friends BGB, the upcoming shooter Call of Duty 5 is set to feature graphics that a...

Wii News: Postal III coming to Wii?
Innocent comment starts rumours of the violent rampage heading to Wii

There's an incredibly slim chance that Postal III, the latest incarnation of the violent series, could be coming to Wii,...

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